Phone: (805) 756-2511           (24-7 crisis line)

Fax:     (805) 756-6525

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comments, suggestions, or Questions

For general comments or suggestions, please contact us at
For questions about our Emotional Wellbeing Workshops, contact Kimberli Andridge, PsyD
For questions about our Groups programs, contact Paul Carbajal, PsyD


how to communicate with your therapist

  • If you would like to schedule an appointment, call or come in during normal business hours.
  • If you would like to speak with your therapist, call 805-756-2511 and ask to leave a message for your therapist.  If you do not remember who you saw, you can give the front desk assistant your name and they can look up who you last saw for counseling.
  • If you send an email to a therapist, it will likely be answered via Secure Message, as email is not a confidential means of sharing information.
  • If you need to send a fax (such as to share previous counseling records with your therapist), our fax number is 805-756-6525.

how counseling services may communicate with you

If Counseling Services needs to reach you, we will either call (if you have given us permission to do so) or send a Secure Message.  To check a Secure Message, go to the Student Health & Counseling portal (in and click on "Messages" at the top.  You may view as well as respond/send messages through this portal.


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