Letter Policy


If you require a letter for any reason from a Counseling Services mental health clinician, please note the following:

  • Letters are provided at the discretion of Counseling Services according to your clinical history, current functioning, and relevant legal and ethical statutes 
  • Letters will be provided only in the event that a treatment relationship has been established with a Counseling Services therapist  
  • All requests for letters must be made in person at least five (5) working days in advance of when it is needed
  • You must fill out a Release of Information before a letter will be given, even if you are requesting a letter made out to yourself


Confirmation of Appointment(s)

If you just need a confirmation of your appointment(s), Counseling Services' front desk workers can provide this for you.


Emotional Assistance Animals

Letters and other documentation for emotional assistance animals are only provided in the most rare of circumstances.  As with any letter request, you must have an established treatment relationship with a therapist.  Because there is currently no established literature base for the clinical efficacy of emotional assistance animals, it is extremely rare that a Counseling Services' clinician will support their use.

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