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Counseling Services Embraces Diversity

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Counseling Services staff feel it is important to acknowledge that events in our local and national communities may result in turmoil for students, staff and faculty on campus.  As multidimensional human beings with complex thoughts and feelings, we also acknowledge that there is no one "correct" way to feel or react to events that may be experienced as microaggressions or acts of discrimination.

Counseling Services believes in empowerment for all people and hope we can work together to promote mental health and wellbeing on campus and beyond.  We at Counseling Services hope to be a resource, working with you to understand your perspective within an environment of safety and respect.


If ever you witness or experience a bias incident, please consider reporting it to the Campus Bias Incident Response Team.


Counseling Services Diversity Statement

While no one is free from all forms of bias and everyone exists within a [multi]cultural framework, Counseling Services attempts to provide an environment in which all people are treated with dignity and respect.  Culture is defined broadly to include race, ethnicity, nationality, language, social class, spirituality, age, gender identity, sexual identity, able-bodiedness, and physical appearance.  We hope you find Counseling Services a center that is dedicated to multicultural competence at all levels of service.  If you have any experiences that suggest otherwise, please contact the Director at 805-756-2511 or via email to discuss your concerns.






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