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Meet The Counseling Services Staff

J. D. Muth © 2009--Photo taken March 10, 2009 on Sulphur Mountain, in Upper Ojai.


Geneva Reynaga-Abiko, Psy.D., Director

California Licensed Psychologist PSY22600
Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Pepperdine University
M.A., Psychology, Pepperdine University
B.A., Psychology, University of California, Riverside

Dr. Reynaga-Abiko has trained in a variety of settings, including community mental health, hospitals, correctional facilities, and university counseling centers.  She now works primarily with adults providing individual psychotherapy.  She also has experience with group psychotherapy, supervising unlicensed professionals, and neuropsychological assessment. 

Dr. Reynaga-Abiko began her career with an internship and postdoctoral fellowship at the Department of Mental Health in Vacaville, CA conducting neuropsychological assessments with incarcerated males.  Dr. Reynaga-Abiko then became Chair of Latina/o Student Outreach at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Counseling Center, where she was also a staff psychologist and adjunct instructor teaching Race and Ethnicity. 

Dr. Reynaga-Abiko served as the inaugural Director of Diversity at the Colorado School of Professional Psychology, where she was also a Core Faculty member, teaching assessment, biopsychology and Diversity Issues to graduate students.  At the same time, Dr. Reynaga-Abiko taught Psychology of Diversity to undergraduates as an adjunct faculty member at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  She then moved to University of California, Merced as Director and Training Director of Counseling and Psychological Services before coming to Cal Poly as Director of Counseling Services.  Dr. Reynaga-Abiko has published articles in journals such as Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology and Professional Psychology: Research and Practice and presented at national conferences for the American Psychological Association, National Latina/o Psychological Association, and American College Personnel Association.  She also serves on the editorial board for The Counseling Psychologist.

Dr. Reynaga-Abiko is interested in diversity issues and living an authentic life filled with conscious awareness.  A first generation college student from an immigrant Mexican family, she is interested in the intersectionality of gender, sexuality, ethnicity and spirituality in the human experience.  Dr. Reynaga-Abiko practices from an intersubjective (psychodynamic), feminist-multicultural, and humanistic approach to help students understand themselves and their struggles in sociocultural context.  She believes that, by working on our deepest issues, we may all lead a fuller, more satisfying life.

Ryan Shurson, M.S., L.M.F.T., Assistant Director of Clinical Services

California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFC46301
M.S. & B.A., Psychology, California State University, Chico

Mr. Shurson’s professional experience is diverse, having been employed at a UCC, elementary school, community treatment center, and residential facility. He spent one year working as an MFT Trainee at Chico State’s Counseling Center, which was more than enough time to develop a deep regard for working with college students. The majority of his service has been provided to children, adolescents, and adults with persistent and severe mental illness and their families. Mr. Shurson worked for the Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency for nearly 6 years which provided him opportunities to work with major psychotic and mood disorders, mostly with underserved and disadvantaged individuals and families in the California’s central valley. Due to this experience, he is also familiar collaborating with multi-interdisciplinary teams and approaching treatment from a holistic perspective.

Prior to moving to the central coast, Mr. Shurson was working at a not-for-profit residential facility in Kansas City, MO as a Primary Therapist before moving into a Director position. He returned to CA after just 2 years in the Midwest (though it felt like much, much longer) and has lived on the central coast since. Though he considers himself an eclectic practitioner capable of being effective with most presenting issues, his clinical interests are adjustment and phase of life issues, identity development, disordered mood, anxiety, couples therapy, and severe and persistent mental health problems. His approach to treatment is humanistic as well as systemic, with an emphasis on solution-focused interventions when applicable. Mr. Shurson emphasizes the therapist-client relationship, authenticity, compassion and a deep respect for the individual, their experience, and their feelings in his treatment.

Mr. Shurson is a CA native and was born and raised only a few hours away in the central San Joaquin Valley. He enjoys gardening, cooking, playing and watching soccer (die roten!), and spending time with his children, and friends.

Hannah Roberts, Psy.D., Assistant Director of Community Prevention & Outreach Services

California Licensed Psychologist PSY27352
Michigan Licensed Psychologist # 6301014686    
Psy.D. & M.A., Clinical Psychology, Michigan School of Professional Psychology
B.A., Psychology, Cornerstone University

Dr. Roberts has a demonstrated commitment to university student development, with experience at Cal Poly, Bucknell University, and the University of Michigan. She has over a decade of clinical experience as a generalist, having worked in private practice, community counseling, and university settings. She enjoys working with university students presenting with a wide variety of psychological needs. Her areas of expertise include: alcohol and drug issues, identity concerns, anxiety, academic success and stress management, relationships and social skills, adjustment concerns, family of origin issues, and recovery from trauma.

Dr. Roberts has a strong interest in, and commitment to, working with students from traditionally underserved backgrounds, including students of color, first-generation students, individuals from diverse SES backgrounds, members of the LGBTQIA community, and nontraditional students. She values a multicultural model in working with underrepresented students in a university setting and enjoys addressing concerns relating to diversity and identity development. Her research focuses on college student health behaviors, especially high-risk behaviors, as well as the effectiveness of related interventions. She instructs PSY 588: Assessment and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders for the Department of Psychology and Child Development

Dr. Roberts focuses on community-level emotional wellbeing, by organizing and providing training for Cal Poly students, faculty, and staff, as well as the greater San Luis Obispo and Higher Education Communities. Dr. Roberts represents Cal Poly on the SLO Behavioral Health Integration Project Steering Committee, the SLO Suicide Prevention Council and the SLO Opioid Safety Coalition. She is the Past President of the Central Coast Psychological Association, and serves on the Directorates of the following ACPA Commissions: Counseling and Psychological Services (CCAPS) and Wellness. Dr. Roberts consults nationally with a variety of educational and Greek organizations regarding educational prevention and intervention programming on topics such as suicide and substance misuse.

A native of Michigan, Dr. Roberts is grateful for each and every day spent living on the Central Coast, where she can be frequently found outdoors, enjoying gardening, hiking, yoga, surfing, and rowing.



Kimberli Andridge, Psy.D., Coordinator for Gender and Sexuality Inclusivity & EWW Specialist

California Licensed Psychologist PSY27155
Oregon Licensed Psychologist #2467
Psy.D. and M.A., The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles
B.S., Psychology,
Criminal Justice minor, Marian University

Dr. Andridge has trained in a variety of settings including community mental health, inpatient mental health, forensic settings, and college counseling. Much of her clinical training has been focused in the areas of gender and sexuality, including a year with the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, various clinical trainings in working with gender-variant clients, and gender and sexuality advocacy based positions within college counseling centers.

Dr. Andridge’s greatest areas of professional interest lie in social justice, relationship and sexual concerns, health and wellbeing, intersectionalities of identities, alcohol and drug concerns, emotional dis-regulation, and sexual and gender identity development. Dr. Andridge is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and is focused on continued training to provide competent, affirming, clinical care in the areas of gender and sexuality. Dr. Andridge’s interests also lie advocacy and involvement both on-campus and within the community.

Dr. Andridge’s approach to counseling is integrative with interpersonal, multicultural, and schema therapy emphases. She values building a trusting, safe space that includes use of self in the clinical relationship to allow for deep exploration of concerns. She emphasizes collaboration and flexibility with clients to find the best fit in the exploration of emotions, behaviors, and thoughts that can leave us feeling stuck, as well as the exploration of families and communities of origin and the implications of larger societies on the development of our identities.

In her spare time, Dr. Andridge enjoys playing video games, watching movies, attending concerts, reading, traveling, baking, and staying active. She’s also a huge basketball fan!

Jennifer Armstrong, Psy.D.

California Licensed Psychologist PSY28554
Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary
M.A., Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary
B.A., Psychology, Azusa Pacific University

Dr. Armstrong has worked in university counseling centers for more than 4 years, where she has provided individual and group therapy and outreach to diverse student populations, including transfer and first generation students.  She completed her doctoral clinical psychology internship in Virginia at Radford University, Student Counseling Services, and her postdoctoral fellowship at Cal Poly SLO, Counseling Services.  As a counselor at Vanguard University, she provided individual therapy in the multicultural Orange County area. In addition to her work with college students, Dr. Armstrong received training providing psychoeducational and psychological assessment with children, adolescents, and young adults in educational and private practice settings.  Dr. Armstrong also has training experience in an outpatient community mental health setting with adults who experienced severe and chronic mental health issues.

Dr. Armstrong practices from an integrative approach, grounded in cognitive behavioral and humanistic theoretical perspectives.  She also adopts a strengths-based approach and works collaboratively to empower individuals towards their process of change.  Dr. Armstrong believes that a non-judgmental, trusting, and authentic therapeutic relationship is an important foundation to help facilitate growth.  She strives to understand the unique experiences of each person, and works collaboratively to create and work toward goals that best fit each person's needs.  Dr. Armstrong is trained as a generalist who is passionate about working with university students who present with a variety of issues and concerns.  Her areas of interest include, but are not limited to, anxiety, academic concerns, procrastination, depression, self-care, stress management and wellness, identity development, and strengthening one's purpose and meaning in life.

Dr. Armstrong was raised in Beaverton, Oregon and did all of her post high school education in the Los Angeles area.  She enjoys good stories in movies and TV shows as well as reading fantasy and science fiction novels.  Her hobbies include strategy board games, karate, and spending time outdoors.

Alison Aylward, Ph.D., Data Specialist

California Licensed Psychologist PSY27807
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Miami
M.A., Social Psychology, University of Hawaii, Manoa
B.A., Psychology,
 University of Colorado, Boulder

Dr. Aylward has worked in various clinical settings including a university counseling center, outpatient community clinics, an anxiety-focused clinic, and a residential treatment center for eating disorders.  Dr. Aylward treats a broad range of mental health concerns while also specializing in anxiety, eating-related concerns, relationship issues, and grief.  She has created treatment programs for individuals with eating disorders and adults grieving the death of a loved one.  Her research interests include applying evolutionary psychology to clinical topics, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, and general psychology topics, such as mimicry and love.

With regards to therapy, Dr. Aylward works with a variety of emotional, psychological, relational, identity, and other general life concerns.  She strives to help those who feel stuck to move towards greater insight and psychological flexibility; to have more meaningful relationships and self-compassion; and to take actions that lead to a more fulfilling life.  This sense of being "stuck" can take many forms including, but not limited to, overwhelming feelings of anxiety and/or depression, body image concerns, fears of being judged by others, a sense of meaninglessness, uncertainty about a relationship, conflict about one's identity, or a pattern of difficulty with closeness.  For those seeking bereavement counseling, she hopes to help make sense of the grief process and allow a safe space to experience and share the different emotions that arise when grieving.

Dr. Aylward's approach to treatment integrates depth- and insight-oriented approaches with cognitive-behavioral approaches influenced by Buddhist psychology.  She believes the therapeutic relationship is the platform for healing, growth and a context for learning about broader patterns of relating.  Her goal is to create a safe space for clients to share personal feelings, thoughts, memories, and other vulnerabilities to the extent that they are ready and willing.  Dr. Aylward focuses on creating awareness of unconscious processes, many of which results from our early life experiences.  With this awareness, it is then possible to make intentional choices that move us in the direction of fulfillment, despite the difficult thoughts and emotions that often urge us to do otherwise.  Overall, she feels honored to be a compassionate witness and companion in someone's journey towards more self-love and a meaningful life.

Shelly A. Browne, Psy.D.

California Licensed Psychologist PSY 15835
Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Multicultural and Community Clinical Proficiency, California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant University
M.A., Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant University
B.A., Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles

During the course of her education and career, Dr. Browne has provided counseling services to diverse populations with a wide range of issues. As an African American woman, she is very interested in cultural and ethnic issues. The majority of her work has been with disadvantaged groups and people of diverse ethnicities, cultures, and lifestyles. During her training, she gained extensive experience in providing crisis intervention, individual, family, and group counseling to sexually abused children, adult survivors of abuse, and parents struggling with substance dependence. In working with this population, she found that children raised in environments with parents or caretakers addicted to drugs were at higher risk for childhood sexual abuse. Thus, in an effort to help reduce this risk, she focused her doctoral project on recovering parents and developed a program to educate them about child sexual abuse.

Further on in her training, Dr. Browne provided crisis intervention and individual and group therapy to low income, ethnic minorities in a community mental health center. Her work with this population also included providing counseling and assessment in partial and inpatient hospitalization units. After receiving her doctorate degree, Dr. Browne practiced as a staff psychologist for several years at a men’s prison.  She provided individual and group therapy and crisis intervention as well as helped develop and implement a program aimed at reducing criminal lifestyles and increasing personal responsibility. In this setting, she also helped men struggling with anger control, suicidality, violence, personality issues, and severe psychological problems. She additionally served as Recorder, Vice Chair, then Department Chair of the Psychology Department at the men’s prison and helped develop a proctoring program for newly hired psychologists.

In addition to her work in these settings, Dr. Browne has been in private practice since October 2000. In her practice, she provides counseling services to people struggling with depression, anxiety, ethnic identity and multi-cultural issues, marital discord, grief and loss, adjustment difficulties, and behavioral issues in children. In addition to her clinical work, she has also taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including at Cal Poly for two quarters.  Over the years, Dr. Browne has learned so much about human behavior and what facilitates change. She truly enjoys her work as a psychologist because it allows her to take part in a person’s journey and witness growth.

Ana Cabezas, Psy.D., First Generation Student Coordinator

California Licensed Psychologist PSY26021
Psy.D. & M.S., Clinical Psychology, Nova Southeastern University
B.S., Psychology, University of Central Florida

Dr. Cabezas has worked with a culturally and socioeconomically diverse population of adults with a variety of mental health presentations in a community care center. She received training in the administration, interpretation, and integration of psychological measures.  Dr. Cabezas has worked with clients presenting with learning disorders, developmental disorders, and cognitive disorders affecting their social, interpersonal, and emotional functioning. 

During her internship and post-doctoral residency, Dr. Cabezas worked for the State Center Community College District in two of the campuses. There, Dr. Cabezas provided individual therapy, outreach services, presentations, and taught two courses. She also served as a faculty advisor to Fresno City College’s Active Minds Chapter.

Dr. Cabezas’ interests include working with a variety of client populations, both demographically and diagnostically. She particularly enjoys working with identity concerns, transitional problems, trauma recovery and resiliency, and relationship concerns. Dr. Cabezas offers a client-centered multicultural perspective to treatment. Dr. Cabezas believes in an integrated approach to therapy, which is designed to fit the client’s needs. She is fluent in Spanish and available to provide services in this language.

Paul Carbajal, Psy.D., Groups Specialist

California Licensed Psychologist PSY28616
​Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Azusa Pacific University
M.A.,  Clinical Psychology, Azusa Pacific University
B.A., Psychology, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Completing his masters and doctoral training at Azusa Pacific University with an emphasis in Family Psychology, Dr. Carbajal competed addtional training in University Counseling settings both pre-doctorally (Ohio University) and post-doctorally (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo). Trained as a generalist, he has specific experience with administration of clinical training, individual and group therapy, and outreach and prevention services. 
Prior to university counseling, Dr. Carbajal worked in various community mental health settings providing therapy and psychological assessment, primarily with low-income individuals and families of Latina/o, African American, and Asian American descent. 
Dr. Carbajal believes that the individual is best understood in context of the larger community and environment, with unique needs, identity, and story. His therapeutic style often incorporates strengths-based, interpersonal, and family psychology approaches. Additionally, Dr. Carbajal has specialized experience in working with the following student concerns: crisis intervention, anxiety disorders, trauma recovery and resilience, depressive disorders, eating disorders, and relationship and identity concerns. He especially enjoys working with men's issues, spiritual and religious identity formation, and eating and body image concerns. 
A SoCal native, Dr. Carbajal enjoys spending time with his family in the great outdoors, hiking, camping, and disc golfing. When a spare moment arises, he enjoys the fine art of churning premium ice cream, soy candle crafting, and Chinese stir-fry.

Courtney de Blieck, Psy.D., Trauma Specialist

California Licensed Psychologist PSY23908
Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Gender Studies Emphasis Area, California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University
M.A., Clinical Psychology, Gender Studies Emphasis Area, California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University
B.A., Psychology, Women’s Studies, & History, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Dr. de Blieck has worked in college counseling centers for more than 8 years. She completed an internship in clinical psychology at the State University of New York, Buffalo Counseling Services, and a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of California, Merced Counseling & Psychological Services. Prior to coming to Cal Poly, Dr. de Blieck served as the Assistant Director, Outreach Coordinator, and Interim Director of Training at UC Merced Counseling & Psychological Services.

Dr. de Blieck currently serves as Counseling Services’ Trauma Specialist. She has specialized training in trauma, particularly related to sexual and interpersonal/relational/familial violence and abuse, and prior graduate school, worked for 3 years as a certified rape crisis/domestic violence counselor. In addition, Dr. de Blieck has specialized training in working with the following student concerns: crisis intervention, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders, ADHD, and learning disabilities. She especially enjoys working with women’s issues, LGBT issues, students with disabilities, and first-generation college students.

Dr. de Blieck has training in feminist, cognitive-behavioral, and client-centered treatment approaches. Her interest and training in social justice allows her to adopt a context-specific, strength-based approach with clients. She believes that the larger social environment is especially relevant to the struggles that students face, and encourages clients to build on their existing skills in order to meet these challenges.

Dr. de Blieck encourages all students to engage in self-care, and for fun enjoys knitting, bike riding, and frequenting the local dog park with her basset hound, Sherman.

Rebecca Gillis, Psy.D., Student Athletes Coordinator

California Licensed Psychologist PSY27211
Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Pacific University
M.S., Clinical Psychology, Pacific University
B.A., Psychology, Seattle University

Dr. Gillis has trained in a variety of settings, including community mental health, intensive outpatient substance abuse, a center that primarily treated individuals identifying as LGBTQQIA and/or people living with HIV/AIDS, and university counseling centers. Dr. Gillis has a demonstrated commitment to serving university students of diverse backgrounds and identities, with experience at Roger Williams University, University of Rhode Island, Evergreen State College, Arizona State University, and University of California Santa Barbara. Dr. Gillis is committed to supporting the personal and academic success as well as health and well-being of first generation college students.

Dr. Gillis' areas of interest and specialties include gender identity and sexual identity, disordered eating behaviors and body image, substance abuse, developmental challenges of college students, identity development, interpersonal and relationship struggles, anxiety, depression, and supervision and training. She feels particularly passionate about multiculturalism and social justice. Additionally, Dr. Gillis possesses a strong commitment to supporting international students as well as underrepresented students.

Dr. Gillis combines an active, supportive, strength-based approach with a sense of humor and a deep belief that people have the ability to change or impact their thoughts and behaviors. She values building a safe, accepting, respectful environment for students to be heard, seen, and empowered. Though trained in Interpersonal, Gestalt, Solution-Focused, Existential, Mindfulness-based, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) theoretical modalities, Dr. Gillis tailors her work to individuals' unique goals and needs. 

Diana Menendez, Psy.D.

California Licensed Psychologist PSY28854
Psy.D., Phillips Graduate Institute
M.A., Psychology, Phillips Graduate Institute
B.A., Psychology, California State University, Northridge

Dr. Menendez has worked in a variety of community mental health settings and an impatient facility providing individual, group and assessment services primarily to low-income individuals from diverse backgrounds. She has been working with college populations for 3 years. 

In general, Dr. Menendez’s approach to therapy is integrative with client-centered, emotion-focused and psychodynamic emphases. She considers the individual needs of clients and encourages a collaborative approach to identify a direction to meet those needs. She strives to help clients facilitate the development of a healthy relationship with themselves and their identity, as well as with significant others. She hopes to provide a safe space to foster awareness, self-compassion, psychological flexibility and a sense of empowerment to create change. Some of her clinical interests include treating individuals who struggle with interpersonal relationships, social anxiety, depression, trauma, low self-esteem, life transitions and those who are first generation in college. She also enjoys working with highly sensitive people (HSP) as defined by Dr. Elaine Aron (

Dr. Menendez values diversity and the multiple roles that individuals must navigate in their academic, social, and family life, and she often encourages the exploration and understanding of these areas in therapy. Dr. Menendez was born and raised in El Salvador and is able to provide therapy services in Spanish.

During her time off, Dr. Menendez enjoys spending time with loved ones, watching movies and documentaries, cooking and trying new foods, spending time outdoors and experimenting with still-life photography.

Sarah Joy Park, Psy.D., Eating Disorders Treatment Coordinator

California Licensed Psychologist PSY27418
Tennessee Licensed Health Service Provider  #3114
Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Loma Linda University
M.A., Psychology, Loma Linda University
B.A., Psychology, La Sierra University
Dr. Park has trained in a variety of settings including community mental health, primary care, a homeless shelter and, in most recent years, college counseling centers. Dr. Park completed her APA-accredited internship at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Counseling Services with a concentration on the treatment of disordered eating and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. For the 2 years before coming to Cal Poly, Dr. Park provided treatment, training, supervision, and coordinated the Stress Management Clinic at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville student counseling center.
Dr. Park’s areas of clinical interest include treating survivors of trauma, individuals struggling with identity, gender, and sexual orientation issues as well as those who experience chronic suicidal thoughts. More generally, Dr. Park enjoys supporting her clients to increase their self-awareness as a way to make choices that are more fulfilling and congruent. Dr. Park is committed to creating a safe space in which all aspects of one’s identity are honored and acknowledged.
Outside of the counseling center, Dr. Park enjoys spending time with her family, which includes several very furry members. She loves the outdoors including hiking, camping, and hanging out at the beach. Travel is also a favorite pastime; visiting Cappadocia, Turkey has been one of her most favorite destinations. However, her first real love is eating and sometimes cooking delicious food; she believes butter should be its own food group.

Amelia Ramirez (nee Comstock-Skipp), M.A., LMFT, Body Project Coordinator

California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist LMFT53092
M.A., Clinical Psychology, Antioch University, Santa Barbara
B.A., Psychology, University of California, Davis

As an undergraduate student at UC Davis, Mrs. Ramirez was both a peer educator for the Women's Center and Campus Violence Prevention Program, educating students about body image and the media and interpersonal violence. As a graduate student at Antioch University, Santa Barbara and as a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, Mrs. Ramirez worked for community agencies in Santa Barbara County and provided psychotherapy to a variety of ages and cultural backgrounds, including Junior High and High School groups, and individual and family therapy with children and adults. Mrs. Ramirez was also involved with juvenile probation, and provided therapy to adolescents in the juvenile justice system. 

Mrs. Ramirez previously worked in Psychological Counseling Services at California State University, Stanislaus in Turlock, where she provided therapy to students of various cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Mrs. Ramirez is interested in the area of identity formation, especially how the media influences our thoughts and feelings about ourselves and our body image. Mrs. Ramirez works from a client-centered perspective by providing students a welcoming space to discuss their concerns and help them determine how best to meet their needs, as well as incorporating aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to explore the relationships between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Mrs. Ramirez is originally from Sonoma County, California and enjoys exploring the beauty of the Central Coast through cycling and hiking.

Becky Sznejkowski, Psy.D.

California Licensed Psychologist PSY21776
Psy.D., Clinical Psychology, Argosy University, Chicago
M.A., Clinical Psychology, Illinois School of Professional Psychology
B.A., Psychology,
 Missouri Western University

Dr. Sznejkowski has trained in a variety of settings, including community mental health, the department of corrections in both Illinois and California, Atascadero State Hospital, private practice and a university counseling center.  Dr. Sznejkowski primarily works with adults providing group and individual therapy.  Her experience has primarily been with underserved populations.

Dr. Sznejkowski's work in corrections allowed her experience with a wide range of diagnoses from mood disorders, psychotic disorders, to life transition issues.  Her areas of interest and specialties include anxiety, depression, grief, anger, chronic illness, life transition, stress management, and she has a certificate in whole food, plant-based nutrition.

Dr. Sznejkowski is still learning how to spell her last name.  She combines an active, supportive, holistic approach with a sense of humor and focuses on the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on mental wellbeing.  Though trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Motivational Interviewing theoretical modalities, Dr. Sznejkowski tailors her work to individuals' unique goals, strengths, and needs.

Dr. Sznejkowski is from the Midwest but has adopted California as her residence.  She enjoys the beach, cooking and eating vegan, fitness, and spending time with her husband, pug and friends.

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