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Hello, and welcome to our Outreach page!

The outreach team at Counseling Services is dedicated to supporting Mustangs as they work toward their academic and personal goals. Part of how we do this is by creating tailored mental health presentations, trainings, and topic discussions for our students, staff, and faculty members.

We work hard to develop and strengthen partnerships with various campus communities by responding to requests to join classrooms, trainings, meetings, and events. We also offer to create unique mental health programs to meet the needs of interested campus communities.

Our Outreach Goals

Our goals are to promote positive mental health on campus and to advocate for student wellbeing. Specifically, we aim to create more avenues for students to receive mental health support, not only in our therapy rooms, but throughout the campus at large. We are committed to providing mental health support to marginalized students and communities on campus.

Request Outreach

To request an outreach presentation, please select the link below and fill out the Outreach Request form. You may also email with any questions or concerns.

Please be advised that we typically require 2-3 weeks of notice for a request, due to the high demand for clinical services Counseling Services provides our students.


Click Here to fill out the Request Form

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