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Building 27 Room 135

Clinical Services

**Due to the current social distancing regulations, and in order to maximize student access, services are currently offered via a HIPAA-compliant Zoom or phone.**


Counseling Services offers a variety of clinical services for currently enrolled graduate and undergraduate students.  These include individual, couples and group psychotherapy; crisis intervention and support; and skills-based workshops. We also offer Let's Talk, a drop-in service that offers informal, confidential consultations with a counselor.  Students are seen on a first come, first served basis.

Getting Started at Counseling Services

If you are a student in crisis or urgent distress during normal business hours, call Counseling Services and you will be assessed immediately. If you are in crisis or need an urgent appointment, you will be seen within a few hours. If you are in crisis after normal business hours, please call us at 805-756-2511 and select option “2” to be immediately transferred to a live person with whom you can discuss your concerns.

If you don’t need to be seen urgently but would like to meet with a therapist to discuss counseling options, call Counseling Services at 805-756-2511 and ask for a “screening appointment.” These appointments are an opportunity to briefly speak with a therapist about your concerns and for the therapist to discuss what counseling options may benefit you. This may be short-term individual therapy, group therapy, workshops, other services in Campus Health and Wellbeing, or off campus counseling. Self-care tips while you are waiting for your first appointment.

If the Screening provider determines that you would benefit from a specific expertise not available at our center, Counseling Services offers case management, where we work with you to help you find local counselors with the necessary expertise who accept your insurance plan or provide low cost services. You can always check our Community Referral list here.




thanks to support from the health fee and student success fee, all clinical services are provided at no cost to registered students

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