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Student Athletes


The transition from high school to university sports is one that many athletes look forward to and a change that can have some challenges.  Attempting to balance the demands from both academics and athletics, as well as the pressure to excel at a sport, can be very stressful.  Situational demands and issues that arise in your personal life can impact performance in your sport. 

Counseling Services seeks to help capitalize on the strengths, skills, leadership, and diversity that student athletes bring to our campus.  We are invested in your academic, emotional, and athletic success at Cal Poly, and we are here to provide support through advocacy and the provision of confidential, accessible services. 

Like any other student, academic life can be stressful for reasons completely separate from your sport.  Student athletes can benefit from talking with a counselor in a confidential environment, being validated, and gaining other perspectives on their situation.


Services at Counseling Services  

We offer individual, couples, and group counseling as well as Emotional Wellbeing Workshops, depending on the needs and interests of our students.  Any student-athlete interested in learning more about counseling services or in meeting with a counselor can come to Counseling Services or call (805) 756-2511 to schedule an appointment.


Common Reasons Student Athletes Seek Counseling

● Transition to college from being the “star athlete” in their home town

● Losing one’s starting position on a team

● Dealing with a major injury

● Self-confidence

● Comparing self to other athletes

● Conflict with team members or coaches

● Disordered eating behaviors or negative body image

● Substance use or abuse

● Depression

● Social or performance anxiety


What to Expect at Counseling Services

● If you are in crisis, you will be seen immediately during normal business hours or can call 805-756-2511 (option 2) after normal business hours to speak confidentially to a live therapist

● We will work with your schedule to ensure that you receive the support you need in order to perform to your fullest potential

● You will complete some paperwork prior to your initial appointment

● At the initial appointment, we will review your current situation and determine how best to meet your needs

● Staff are culturally responsive clinicians trained in understanding the diverse and specific needs of students

● All treatment is confidential (If you sign a release of information for coaches or athletic trainers, you can choose which information will be shared and which won’t) 

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