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Individual Therapy

**Due to the current social distancing regulations, and in order to maximize student access, services are currently offered via a HIPAA-compliant Zoom or phone.**

Individual Therapy is when you meet with one therapist, usually with a focus on a presenting concern or psychological problem. Each session is typically 50 minutes long. The number of sessions you will attend depend on what is bringing you to treatment and your level of motivation to participate in treatment. Note that Counseling Services is not able to promise long term therapy to all students given the size of the student body and, therefore, typically works from a brief model that is focused on stabilization.


What if i don't know how to talk about what is wrong?

If you believe you need individual treatment but do not know how to describe or communicate your presenting concern, consider completing RIO as this will likely help you figure out how to use therapy in a more satisfying manner.



You are allowed to bring a friend or loved one if doing so makes you feel more comfortable, but you are the "patient" and therefore the person who is expected to participate meaningfully in treatment. If someone else accompanies you to the session, it is expected that they typically remain silent.


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