Wellbeing Resources for Students, Staff and Faculty

Wellbeing Resources

We have developed a list of resources for students, faculty and staff relative to the five wellbeing elements. Below are the definitions of each element, and a link to each wellbeing resource page

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Career Wellbeing

Career Wellbeing relates to having a purpose in what we do, and enjoying what we do on a daily basis, whether it’s a job or a hobby. Engaging in activities with purpose allows us to be engaged and happy. It also allows us to wake up daily with something of interest to accomplish.

Resources: Students or Faculty and staff.

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Social/Community Wellbeing

Social/Community Wellbeing hopes to create a shared sense of responsibility for and pride in our community, both on- and off-campus. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment that meets the needs of diverse individuals and aims to foster connectedness through engagement.

Resources: Students  or Faculty and staff.

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Physical/Emotional Wellbeing

Physical/Emotional Wellbeing inspires us to perceive our body holistically to have good health, energy and emotion, including feeling happy and stress-free. It contributes to our motivation. Having a balance between physical and emotional health, such as laughing often, working out, enjoying time with others, help us be mindful of our health.

Resources: Students or Faculty and staff.

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Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing inspires us to effectively manage our budget. It motivates us to be proactive and take actions that will help us manage and sustain financial security.


Resources: Students or Faculty and staff.


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