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Wellbeing at Cal Poly

Campus Wellbeing at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

At Campus Wellbeing our mission is to cultivate a culture of health and wellbeing on our campus for students, staff and faculty to live and be well. We care about our whole community. Our goal is to offer education, programming and opportunites for individuals to develop their skills and abilities to achieve a sense of wellbeing. 

Wellbeing connects the different life elements– Social, Community, Career, Financial, Physical, & Emotional Wellbeing – to achieve and maintain life balance, the ability to be resilient and achieve our full potential. Through life balance, we are better able to manage the different aspects of our life through a holistic approach, which will help us reach personal and professional success.

At the individual level, having basic needs met in each element of wellbeing creates an opportunity for one to grow, flourish and thrive personally and professionally. At the community level, having individuals who are happy and healthy in their lives and professions, contributes to the greater good of our communities.

What is Wellbeing?



noun: wellbeing

: the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous.

The Cal Poly Mindfulness Project

Established in 2016, the Cal Poly Mindfulness Project started with a few mindful individuals who collectively came together to bring mindfulness to the Cal Poly campus. Little did they know, their dreams would become reality starting a stampede of mindful mustangs. 

The Headspace Research Project:

Employee and Organization Development and Student Affairs are partnering in a research study that explores the effects of using the Headspace Mindfulness app. The Cal Poly Mindfulness Project is recruiting volunteers to participate in a five week study, which entails taking two surveys and a commitment to use the Headspace app for a minimum of 10 minutes a day over the five-week period. Participants will recieve complimentary use of the Headspace app for 6 months.

To participate in the Headspace Research study: 

Cal Poly student, faculty, and staff can register here. Anyone with general questions can contact For more informaiton regarding registration, contact Employee and Organization Development at

Current Campus Resources:


3WINS Outdoor Fitness Class for Faculty & Staff

Starting Monday, October 9, 2017 through November 16, 2017, the Department of Kinesiology, in collaboration with Campus Health & Wellbeing, is offering free outdoor fitness classes and walking groups to all staff and faculty. All fitness levels are welcome!

Lower-intensity mind and body activities such as yoga, walking and sculpt are offered Monday through Thursday from 12:15 to 12:45 pm on the Campus Health and Wellbeing Lawn Bldg 27. Higher-intensity strength and endurance classes and walking groups are offered Monday through Thursday from 5:15 to 5:55 pm on Mott Lawn Bldg. All fitness levels are welcome.

Strength & Endurance activities are offered on Mott Lawn for higher-intensity classes and walking groups in the late afternoon.

Class Time Day Location
Sculpt/Tone 12:15pm - 12:45pm Mon & Wed Build. 27 - Health Ctr Lawn
Yoga 12:15pm - 12:45pm Tues & Thurs Build. 27 - Health Ctr Lawn
Sculpt/Tone 5:15pm - 5:55pm Mon & Wed Mott Lawn
Boot Camp 5:15pm - 5:55pm Tues & Thurs Mott Lawn

Contact for more information.


The Campus Wellbeing Collaborative

The Wellbeing Collaborative is made up of campus and community partners who contribute to research, initiatives and efforts that benefit Campus Wellbeing. All students, staff, faculty and community partners are welcome to join the Wellbeing Collaborative.

Meetings occur on a quarterly basis and provide an opportunity for participants to network, collaborate, learn about campus & community efforts and discuss future needs.  We welcome open discussion and support a safe inclusive environment.

Questions? Please contact

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