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Red Folder: Assisting Students in Distress

How To Use The Red Folder

How to Access the Red Folder

On the Portal

  1. Login to My Cal Poly Portal
  2. Click on "Staff and Faculty Training" at the top  (You should see "Red Folder" on the screen of training options)
  3. Click on "Go to Red Folder" (note that this is only a 2 page version of the Red Folder)


To Download (full 3 page version)

Click on the link below:

Red Folder PDF Download

To Access the Web Version:

Click on this link.

Note: You can change campuses to see other Resources/Phone Numbers


To Download the Free App

  1. Go to the App store on your device
  2. Click on Search
  3. Type in "Red Folder"
  4. It should automatically take you to "Red Folder, California State University, San Bernardino" (Note: Although it says CSU San Bernardino, the app will allow you to choose any campus)
  5. Download
  6. There is a tutorial that walks you through how to use the app.  You can use it in real time whenever you are concerned about a student, based on the level of distress the student is in.

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