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Building 27 Room 135



Intensive Outpatient Services

1551 Bishop Street, Ste. 130-A, SLO
2 miles from Cal Poly

Inpatient Services

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
Center for Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Care
400 W. Pueblo Street, Santa Barbara, CA
95 miles from Cal Poly

How to Get Approved for a Higher Level of Care if You Have Kaiser Insurance

Approval for these referrals generally comes after you have been assessed by a Kaiser Permanente provider in the Department of Psychiatry (at a Kaiser facility).  You will need to schedule an "Intake" with someone in that department and discuss your symptoms.  If you have been seeing a counselor, you can sign a Release of Information for your counselor to speak with your Kaiser-assigned provider.  Ultimately, the Kaiser provider you see in the Department of Psychiatry will make the referral to another treatment center.  

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