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Medical Emergencies

A medical emergency is a medical condition that is an immediate threat to your life or long-term health. Generally, if your medical condition can wait until the next day for assessment or treatment, it is not a medical emergency. If you, or someone you know, is experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 (blue phone on campus) or go immediately to the nearest emergency department.

The following are the 24-hour emergency rooms in San Luis Obispo.

Map to Siera Vista ER

Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center
1010 Murray Ave, San Luis Obispo
(805) 546-7600

• On Foot: From Foothill Blvd.,
walk south on Casa St.
• Within 50 yards, turn right at
side street. Parking structure
on right, Emergency Dept is
seen on left at end of short
street.French Hospital Medical Center
1911 Johnson Avenue


Map to French Hospital ER

French Hospital
1911 Johnson Ave, San Luis Obispo
(805) 543-5353

  • From Grand Ave, go south on Monterey St
    Left turn onto California Blvd.
  • Right turn onto San Luis Drive
    Left turn onto Johnson Ave
  • Stoplight at Lizzie St, turn right, follow signs to ED.



All types of insurance cover the treatment of medical emergencies in this community. However, some insurers, particularly health maintenance organizations (HMOs), will not pay for non-emergency care provided in an emergency room.  

We strongly recommend students to be covered by an insurance plan. In a recent survey conducted by the Student Health Advisory Council, less than half of students indicated they knew how to use their insurance in an emergency. Trying to find this information when you need, it can be very difficult.  Please have a copy of your health insurance ID card with you at all times and know how to use it.

 After Hours Care / Urgent Care

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