Health Education

  Cal Poly's Health Education program is supported by the student organization PULSE.


Peers Understanding Listening Supporting Educating (PULSE) is a nationally awarded Peer Health Education program that supports the health and wellbeing of all Cal Poly students. PULSE is comprised of four teams, each dedicated to a specific area of education: Sexual Wellbeing (EROS), Mental Wellbeing (REAL), Nutrition and Physical Activity (HEAT), and Alcohol & Drug Education (TLC). Every Peer Health Educator is professionally trained and BACCHUS Certified. Our Peer Health Educators disseminate evidence-based information through private one-on-one consultations, tabling events and educational presentations to the Cal Poly community.

To find our more about our teams, click one of the four team pages found under "Peer Health Education Teams" tab. Our website offers links to additional resources for students and parents/supporters. In addition, Health Education provides students, staff and faculty access to a state-of-the-art massage chair and body composition analyzer (Tanita Scale). 

Faculty, staff, and the campus community can request an educational presentation by one of our four teams during the academic school year. Submit a presentation request by filling out the Presentation Request Form. Your completed form will be sent to the wellbeing services email at You are also welcome to call, email, or stop by our office within the lower level of the Health Center (27-10) with any questions.

Make an appointment with a Peer Coach

Interested in speaking with a peer? Schedule a 1:1 consultation today with one of our trained peer coaches.
Peer Coach appointments have been put on hold. Please check in with us after March 25, 2020. Please contact with any questions.

Make a BASICS/CASICS appointment with a Health Educator 

Interested in speaking with a health educator about alcohol or cannabis use? Schedule a 1:1 BASICS/CASICS meeting today with one of our professional health educators.
BASICS/CASICS appointments have been put on hold. Please check in with us after March 25, 2020. Please contact with any questions.

Be a part of the team!

The Peer Wellness Program, under Campus Health & Wellbeing department within Student Affairs, promotes healthy behaviors and wellness among all members of the Cal Poly community. Peer Wellness Ambassadors, Educators, and Coaches are volunteers (un-paid) that receive training to become nationally certified Peer Educators. They are involved in a four-quarter track program beginning in Spring 2020, followed by three-quarters of hands-on health education and health promotion experience. Peer Wellness Education programs consist of topic-specific workshops, presentations, coaching sessions, and tabling outreach and education to the Cal Poly campus. The topics include:  

  • Physical Health (Nutrition Education and Physical Activity)  

  • Sexual Health (STI Education and Prevention, Safe Sex-Practices, & Healthy Relationships)  

  • Alcohol, Cannabis, and Other Drugs (Education & Prevention)  

  • Mental Wellbeing (Stress, Sleep, & Social and Community Wellness)   

  • Recovery (Alcohol and Other Drugs Recovery and Support) 

  • Wellness Promotion (Hand-washing, general health, vaccinations)

  • Campus Health & Wellbeing Resources 

Peer Wellness Ambassadors promote Campus Health & Wellbeing’s resources and services to the Cal Poly campus, while Peer Wellness Educators and Coaches work collaboratively with a topic-specific team under the supervision of the Wellbeing Professional staff of Campus Health & Wellbeing.  

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Email with any questions or concerns or call (805) 756-6181.

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