The Health Enrichment Action Team (HEAT) offers free services such as private consultations and presentations. Our unique presentations can incorporate cooking demonstrations in addition to a choice of any of our offered topics. Contact us and schedule an appointment today to optimize your wellbeing and begin living the healthiest lifestyle possible.


Consultations: Private one-on-one meetings with a Peer Health Educator to discuss a nutrition or exercise related topic.

Note: To receive a HEAT consultation on dietary analysis, we ask that you record everything you eat for an entire day and bring the completed form to your consultation. You can download our 24-Hour Food Recall Form here.

Events: Presentations, by request, to groups regarding various nutrition topics.


  • MyPlate
  • Dietary Analysis
  • Disordered Eating
  • Navigating Campus Dining
  • Fitness Nutrition
  • Nutrition myths/fad diets

HEAT Events


Freaky Fall

PULSE's annual Fall quarter event that takes place around Halloween. As a nutrition-oriented team, we provide ideas for healthy treat alternatives, recipes with seasonal fruits and vegetables, interactive nutrition activities, etc.

Love Carefully

PULSE's annual Winter quarter event that takes place around Valentine's Day. This past year we created an interactive activity for students to “Find their Ideal Date.”

May Day Wellbeing Fair

PULSE's annual Spring quarter event that takes place on May 1st. Past events have included an interactive-question wheel with topics focused on body image and anorexia. Life-sized Barbie and Ken with facts about distorted body image and health. Flyers with 20 ways to love your body. Flyers demonstrate how to help a friend struggling with anorexia.

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