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Friday Night Live


Our hope is that we can inform students about the negative consequences associated with drugs and alcohol, and encourage them to live a positive, healthy, and responsible lifestyle.

Cal Poly Friday Night Live meets on campus weekly to discuss and plan events, campaigns, and activities that help raise awareness and reduce the issues concerning drug and alcohol use amongst the Cal Poly community.

If you have any questions regarding FNL meetings or would like to receive updates about the club, please email us at


Lauren Rocha

The Define Yourself Campaign
The Define Yourself Campaign aims to address the stigma that college students are defined as partiers. We hope to breakdown the stereotypes amongst college students, while encouraging positive, healthy activities that students have the opportunity to begin and/or continue in college. The Define Yourself Campaign provides an opportunity where you can learn about current Cal Poly student's stories of how they define themselves, while also having the opportunity to share how you define yourself as MORE!

To learn more about the campaign, feel free to contact us!

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