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Required Immunizations

Please Note: Effective academic year 2020/21, the immunization requirements will change for all incoming students. Please click here for more details.

For all incoming students in Fall 2019/20, the following requirements will apply.

All entering CSU students (except those graduating from a California public high school) are required to present proof of immunization against MMR and Hepatitis B to the CSU campus they are attending before the beginning of their first term of enrollment. If proof cannot be presented at that time, please refer to the Alternatives section below. It is also recommended that students complete the medical questionnaires located on the Health and Counseling Portal which can be accessed by logging into your Cal Poly Portal and selecting the “Health and Counseling Portal” icon.


  • Measles and Rubella: Students must submit proof of immunization against measles and rubella within one year of the time of first enrollment. The MMR immunization series consists of two shots, separated by at least 28 days. Students will not be allowed to register for a second year until they have fulfilled this requirement.
  • Hepatitis B: Students who are 18 years of age or younger at the start of their first term at a CSU campus must provide proof of full immunity against Hepatitis B prior to their second quarter. Full immunization against Hepatitis B consists of three timed doses of vaccine over a minimum 4- to 6-month period. Students will not be allowed to register for a second quarter until they have presented proof to Health Services that they have received at least one shot, and must complete the series prior to the second year of enrollment.
  • Meningococcal Disease: All incoming freshmen who will be residing in on-campus housing will be required to complete the Meningococcal Disease Response Form indicating that they have received information about meningococcal disease and the availability of the vaccine to prevent contracting the disease and indicating whether the student has chosen to receive the vaccination. This form is part of the University Housing application and will be sent to you by early fall.

Compliance with the requirements can be met in the following ways:

1. Submit Documentation

A copy of any one of the following will satisfy immunization requirements:

  • School Immunization Record
  • County Health Department Immunization Record (well-baby booklet)
  • International Health & Immunization Record (used by military & foreign travelers)
  • Family physician's record
  • Verified record of blood test showing immunity


     Download the Hepatitis B and Measles/Rubella Immunization Form and mail or fax to:

     Health Services
     California Polytechnic State University
     1 Grand Avenue
     San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0210
     or send via FAX: (805) 756-5298

2. Be immunized

For those who do not have documentation, immunizations can be obtained at:

  • A private health care provider
  • A local clinic or County Public Health Department
  • The Cal Poly Campus Health and Wellbeing (health center) once an individual is an enrolled student

3. Have a blood test

A rubella/rubeola titer and/or Hepatitis B surface antibody test will determine if an individual is immune either by past immunization or by having had the diseases.

4. Request a waiver or exemption

  • Medical: If medical circumstances contraindicate immunization, an individual may be granted an exemption.
  • Religious: State law permits exemption from immunization for those who object to immunization on religious or personal grounds. Please note: revised EO 803 (academic year 2020/21) allows for medical exemptions only
  • Distance Learning: Students enrolled in a “Distance Learning” program only.
  • Waivers for exemption are available at the Cal Poly Student Health Center.

In the event of an outbreak of these diseases, students who signed a waiver may be temporarily excluded from class, residence halls or campus.

For more information, visit or call Health Services at 805.756.1211.

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