Peers Understanding Listening Supporting Educating

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Peers Understanding Listening Supporting Educating

PULSE is a group of emerging student leaders that promote healthy lifestyle choices and believe in making a difference in the lives of their peers. They provide confidential consultations, large and small group presentations, and physical and mental wellness information and events.

  • Congratulations and Welcome to the new crew of Peer Health Educators.
  • Do you want to become a BACCHUS certified Peer Educator? Click here for more info.

Members of one of four teams:

  • Educational Resources on Sexuality  EROS
  • Health Enrichment Action Team  HEAT
  • Thoughtful Lifestyle Choices  TLC
  • Reach Out, Empower, Accept, Listen  REAL

PULSE -- Lower Level Health Center (Building 27) -- 805-756-6181

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 PULSE attends the BACCHUS Conference Spring 2013
San Pedro, CA