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Substance Use and Abuse Advisory Committee

Established in response to the CSU Action Plan for Substance Abuse (AAES 90-93; January, 1990), the Substance Use and Abuse Advisory Committee (SUAAC) is advisory to the President on campus substance use and abuse issues.  The committee shall plan and coordinate a comprehensive educational program; develop and review administrative procedures related to alcohol and drug use and abuse; coordinate campus efforts to reduce substance use and abuse and its effects; monitor and ensure compliance with campus, system, state and federal policies; and facilitate collaborative community partnerships.

SUAAC Funding Requests

The application for the 2017-2018 Acaddemic Year will available September 1, 2017.

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Substance Use and Abuse Advisory Committee Funds (SUAAC).  SUAAC provides the Cal Poly Campus community with funds to support alcohol and drug prevention efforts, as well as, proactive programming that enriches the health and wellbeing of our campus community.   

There are three ways current Cal Poly faculty, staff and students can apply for funds.

  1. Requests of $1500 or less may be made per program and will be reviewed on a monthly basis by the SUAAC funding committee. Requests are reviewed upon order of receipt.  Programs with preferred qualifications are given higher priority. Multiple requests from different entities may not be made for the same program/event.
  2. Any funding requests larger than $1500.00 will be reviewed on a monthly basis and a formal presentation to the SUAAC funding committee is required. The program proposal must be submitted at least a quarter in advance of the proposed program date.

Objectives and guidelines as outlined by SUAAC:

A “proposed program”, is defined as an event, project, service or activity, directly benefiting the Cal Poly Community with goals or outcomes to:

  1. Improve the social environment through substance free alterative programming.
  2. Provide a safe and secure environment for all members of campus.
  3. Promote principles of healthy choices and activities.
  4. Provide leadership opportunities that directly impact Cal Poly Students.
  5. Encourage and educate others about cultural diversity and inclusion.
  6. Foster collaborations across diverse disciplines.
  7. Conduct service learning opportunities to impact community well-being.

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Programs or events hosted on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights between the hours of 5:00pm – 2:00am.
  2. Programs or events hosted on high risk-holidays such as Cesar Chavez Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Athletic Events, Halloween, and others.
  3. Programs or events that are open to the entire Cal Poly Campus.
  4. Programs or events that have specific learning objectives geared towards healthy choices and alternatives.

Examples of SUAAC funded programs:

  • Alternative Events that would distract from drinking/partying.
  • Guest Speakers directly impacting student development on the topics of leadership, campus involvement, healthy lifestyle, bystander intervention.
  • CPR Trainings that help promote campus safety.
  • Programs that emphasize safety, healthy alternatives and healthy behaviors.

How to request funds:

The application for the 2017-2018 Acaddemic Year will available September 1, 2017.

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